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Success InSight


Balancing life, business, and relationships

for happiness, health, and wealth. 

January 20, 2023 - 9AM-5PM EST
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Get inspired to create and maintain balance at our one-day intensive. Learn how to beat procrastination, take control of your schedule, and scale your business, while loving every moment of it! Register TODAY! 


Conference host

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Marilyn E. Powell

CEO of Success InSight, Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker

Marilyn E. Powell is a real-life optimist who enjoys building businesses and helping others thrive in life. She lives by the standard of living life to the fullest and from a positive perspective. Without a doubt, Marilyn is always excited to come alongside current and prospective entrepreneurs to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset, while crushing their goals in life and business. Marilyn prepares, plans, and is persistent to the finish! 


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With her garnered years of expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and coaching, she continually strives to improve lives and help them reach an unimaginable height of success. Marilyn is gifted with the ability to provide the clarity and motivation needed to transform lives and has a contagious enthusiasm for success.


In other words, she skillfully propels change in her surrounding environment and in her own words she states, "Here’s to the next level of your business, mindset, and life."



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Dr. Keisha Clark

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Ashaki Ali

The Importance of Showing 

Yourself Grace


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  • 1-Day Conference Access 

  • Conference Program for Speaker Notes

  • Swag Bag 

  • Action steps to move your business forward

  • Implementation strategies for your business in 2023

  • Room full of  like-minded entrepreneurs across industries to build your network

  • Safe space to speak about concerns of owning a business and managing life-work-balance

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