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3 Keys to Achieving Balance in Life & Business

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Get ready to unlock the keys to success personally and professionally.

Have you ever struggled to achieve balance between your personal life, business(es) and relationships?

I always hear people asking what steps can you take to reach a point of having complete balance?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can get there by simply following three key steps?

1. Obtain Clarity

2. Preparation

3. Take Action

You have to maintain the balance between these three keys. This balance applies to your mind, body and spirit, which means that balance is associated with every perspective of life. The following are some steps to create and maintain balance in your Life, Business and relationships.

Now let's consider all the three key steps one by one:

1: Clarity

Clarity is all about optimism, which, in this case means you are confident and hopeful about your future and what you have going on in this moment. One negative thought can destroy your state of clarity. It's the same concept as a rotten apple spoiling the barrel.

For clarity, you can start with stillness, be it prayer or meditation. This will allow you to remove negativity from your mind, and intentionally replace it with positive thoughts and ideas. Once you’ve done this, you'll feel an urge to clear clutter from your surroundings as well. One of the most important factors for clarity includes quiet time, exercise and clear spaces. It will help you out in reducing stress and clearing your mind. This clearing is a constant process, a practice that needs to be done consistently to achieve optimum progress.

2: Preparation

Preparation is the second foremost step for creating balancing in your life. You have to prepare for any situation at any given time because every moment contains an opportunity or a lesson in itself. If you are not prepared you will lose that opportunity, and ultimately you will lose the balance you’ve gained, along with clarity. As the old saying goes, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Prepare yourself every moment for any situation so that you can fulfill any role especially the roles you have created or will create for yourself. You know your desires. Prepare yourself as if they are already achieved. That’s how you stay ready. For preparation, take a moment and write down your goals and a daily affirmation because affirmations will help you see the positive perspective of your life and what you have to look forward to. You can also prepare yourself by making an action list on daily basis. Your goal sheet and action list are a major key to your success.

3: Action

Action is last but not the least important step for obtaining balance in your life, business and relationships. Since your life depends upon on what you do, do what you love! The choice is yours, so take the first action and begin to create positive habits. Make action lists. Action lists are detailed lists that are broken down to the point that the phone number, person you need to speak to and what you need to from them might be on it. Because you prepared in advance, you can flow smoothly through your list. You will be inspired into action when you get to the point where you can't wait to wake up the next morning to complete your tasks because they are ready to go-just waiting on you. Inspired action encourages you to do the work with all your heart and that makes it pleasurable for yourself, not a burden.

Here are a few ‘notes to self’ and valuable habits to create that will make your life easy and balanced:

· I will physically clear by decluttering my living space.

· I will be prepared beforehand for my future tasks.

· I will always schedule time to rest, prepare and take action

Well, that's it! These are the steps to achieving balance in your life and business. So again get clear, prepare, and take and you'll be well on your way to success personally and professionally!

Stay tuned for more blog posts each week! Also, if these posts are helping you become more motivated, please share it with your friends or your audience. Until next time, stay motivated!

~Marilyn E. Powell

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